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Supply Arrangements

Alika currently holds Supply Arrangements for both the Task-Based Informatics Professional Services (TBIPS) and Professional Services (ProServices) methods of supply with the Federal Government of Canada.

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Our Areas of Service Include

Application Services

Alika’s offerings in the area of Applications Services touch all aspects of this subject, from application and software architecture, to Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) analysis, to web architecture, design, and development, to testing and beyond. Our diverse team of resources possesses in-depth knowledge of a variety of programming languages and technologies, and Alika has extensive experience providing these services to our federal government clients. Categories include Application/Software Architect, Programmer/Software Developer, System Analyst, Web Architect, Test Coordinator, Web Designer, and more.

Geomatics Services

Alika’s geomatics professionals are skilled in all things GIS, including in the areas of collection, distribution, storage, and analysis of geographic information, as well as management and planning of GIS projects. We are qualified to provide the entire range of Geomatics categories to the Federal Government, including Geomatics Analysts and Specialists, GIS Applications Analysts and Architects, GIS Infrastructure Architects, Mapping Technicians, and more.

IM/IT Services

Alika’s story is rooted in IM/IT, and over our many years of service we have built a strong network of qualified consultants. We now have a broad range of qualified consultants, specializing in database conversion and administration, network and technical architecture, and more. From Database Conversion Specialists and Administrators, to Network and Platform Analysts, to Technical and Technology Architects and more, our consultants understand the value of staying current with technology practices and trends, and we ensure that they keep up with the constantly-evolving IM/IT landscape.

Business Services

Alika’s consultants offer expertise in all areas of business and professional services, with the ability to take any project from beginning to end, including Business Analysts and Architects, Business Transformation Architects, Technical Writers, and more. Alika’s roster also includes skilled experts in all aspects of Project Management, including Change Managers, Enterprise Architects, and Risk Management Specialists, as well as Project Managers, Coordinators, Leaders, and Executives, among others.

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